Dear Racers, 

You are now about to register for 2018 ÖTILLÖ SWIMRUN ENGADIN. 

Please be sure that you have read and have understood the rules. ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Rules You need to pay the entry fee with a credit card within 2 hours of your application. NO refund will be made. Your application is final. By entering the race you accept these conditions. 

If you want to insure your entry fee against pre-race injury, we offer you the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Insurance. ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Insurance 

The 2018 course will be similar to the 2017 course. The race course is approximately 46 km long of which 39,8 km are trail running and 5,9 km are open-water swimming. There are a total of 8 swims of which the longest is 1 400 meters. The total vertical gain is 1 570 meters and the highest swim is at 1 900 meters. The course is clearly marked and the mountain terrain is very varied. Some trails, some gravel roads, some off-road and some beautiful forest runs. 

In the entry fee of 420 € (Incl. VAT 10,24 €) the following is included:

Drink and Finger food at Race briefing on Saturday. 

Bus transportation to the start. 


Dinner after the race. 

See you in July if not before! 

Kind regards,

Mats & Michael 


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Pris :  420 EUR
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