Safety Culture has gained more and more interest in the past decades. It was coined after the Chernobyl accident and other major events. Elements of thinking about culture have been around for much, much longer, however. These days it seems to be inevitable that safety culture comes up in investigations or discussions about safety, and can quickly become a buzzword. This triggers a lot of questions, like:

What does it really mean? When we talk about culture, do we actually mean something else? Can it truly be used for effective safety improvement? Is it measurable? Are there any drawbacks connected to the concept of safety culture? What are common misconceptions?
Four renowned speakers will introduce some of these topics and lead discussions with participants of the Learning Lab about these topics. Instead of passively listening to Stian Antonsen (NTNU/SINTEF), Frank Guldenmund (TU Delft), Jean-Cristophe Le Coze ((Ineris/Mines Paris Tech) and Roel van Winsem (Nederlandse Spoorwegen), participants are encouraged to actively engage in critical thinking and dialogue.
Participants in the Learning Lab have a wide variety in nationalities, as well as professional backgrounds (healthcare, aviation, consultancy, police, industry, railways, military, etc.) ensuring further learning opportunities.
This Learning Lab is sponsored by Nederlandse Spoorwegen, who are so kind to provide locations for both days.



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