This course will guide you how giving birth works in Sweden and especially Gothenburg. 
Where, when, what, how.... about the hospital and what happens when the baby and you are going home again.

You will also learn PROFYLAX.We want you to: 
Find your peace, feel confident  & trust your power
-before you're giving birth.

Warmly welcome to join the course.
1 class, 4 hours

Book one for a couple.

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Pris :  3390 SEK


Lägg till i kalendern 2018-09-25 00:00:00 America/Los_Angeles Birth and PROFYLAX preparation -private För mer detaljer : GÖTEBORG, Viktoriagatan 2b FREQ=DAILY;INTERVAL=1;COUNT=5


Vi diskuterar gärna dina tankar och idéer och berättar mer om hur vi kan hjälpa dig. Kontakta oss nedan.