mPeira is a  which ensures that you will attend a world-class SAFe training experience. The training has a practical approach and is run by Scandinavia’s most experienced scaled agile coaches involved in scaling Lean and Agile on a day-to-day basis.  Scaled Agile Gold Partner

Become Certified Scrum and Agile Master now!

This practical course gives you a unique and customised blend of best practices that really work. We’ve been doing this for many, many years and we give you what we think is the best of the best—things that we on a daily basis see working in real live practice. Our twenty years hands on experience with agile deliveries and training has given us a clear vision of what’s needed to be done in order to succeed with Scrum and Agile on a practical level. The concept is based on internationally established agile frameworks, such Scrum, Lean, XP, Kanban, DSDM and more, and contains many years’ worth of experience from all over the world. 

An agile team today needs to go far beyond Scrum in order to be both innovative and effective and well integrated with its surrounding. We go far beyond theories and ideas into practical realities. We have trained thousands primarily in the Nordics, but also abroad. You will learn what techniques and terms such as sprint planning, product backlog management and much more really mean in day-to-day practical life. The course covers all that a traditional Scrum Master course does, but goes far beyond basic Scrum and includes a broader Lean and Agile perspective.  

•Exam for double certification is included: 
DSDM Agile Foundation and Certified Scrum and Agile Master. 
•Professional Scrum Master I is available on request  Associated Certification:

The course is normally held in Swedish if English is not requested and agreed among participants.  

Key terms: 

•Team member
•Scrum Master
•Product Owner
•IT manager
•Team Manager
•Software and product developer  
•Project Manager
•IT ConsultantsThe following individuals will benefit from this course:

Detailed content (in swedish):

  • Agila synsätt och ramverk 
  • Termer och definitioner – att hitta rätt i djungeln
  • När agila angreppssätt är lämpliga att använda 
  • Att använda agila tekniker i verksamheten 
  • Många projekt tillsammans  
  • Scrum of Scrums, 
  • Agil förstudier / förprojektfasen
  • Agil portföljhantering 
  • Agile Manifesto 
  • Förhållande mellan Agile och projektstyrningsmodeller
  • MoSCoW – att prioritera i projekt 
  • Timeboxing, iterationer och sprints 
  • User stories 
  • Use case scenario 
  • Product backlog, produkter och ”leverabler” i Agile projekt 
  • Att konvertera luddiga krav till tydliga leveransobjekt 
  • Roller – vem gör vad och varför, Scrum Master, product owner, team 
  • Definition of done 
  • Effektiva workshops -
  • Agile planering – iteration kick-off, sprint planning meeting, planning game 
  • Metoder för effektiv granskning och kontinuerlig feedback 
  • Agil kravhantering 
  • En självlagande process – sprint reviews, retrospectives 
  • Icke-funktionella krav 
  • Parprogrammering
  • Planning poker 
  • Modelleringens roll i agila projekt 
  • PBS – product breakdown structure 
  • Mätningar, KPI:er, burn down charts, etc 
  • Hur agila metoder ger högre kvalitet 
  • Prototyper och spikes 
  • Agil ändringshantering 
  • Personas i produktutveckling 
  • Projektstyrning 
  • Daily stand-up/daily Scrum 
  • Agil arkitektur och design 
  • Estimering 
  • Story points / Velocity
  • Triangulering 
  • Agile Kanban
  • Funderingar?

    Vi diskuterar gärna dina tankar och idéer och berättar mer om hur vi kan hjälpa dig. Kontakta oss nedan.