Sailing dinghy week, leisure, five days

Welcome to dinghy sailing at Tenerife!

Amarilla Sailing and Sailstar offers sailing in different dinghies and day sailors at a spectacular location ond the south east of Tenerife. Sun and wind is the two obvious words to describe this place!

This week we offer dinghy sailing for those who love dinghy sailing in warm waters, warm winds and spectacular sailing.   

Sailstar and Amarilla Sailing offers perfect sailing with various dinghies at Golf del Sur, Tenerife. Monday to Friday  We have different dinghies, you pick anyone for your day and go ahead sailing. We offer some theory lessons, a race course and a safety boat. Some days we have races, some days we sail to Los Abrigos for a lunch. A various schedule is offered, perfect for you that just wants to sail a dinghy and have fun but also for you that wants to have a more intensive dinghy training. 

The marina offers a dressing room, shower but best the social and welcoming host Mateusz who will take care of you and he has a special interest to serve a barbeque one or a couple of the days. 

We do sail with:

  • RS Neo,  single dinghy in Comptec from RS. Durable and fun to sail, perfect for Tenerife conditions.
  • RS Zest, single- or double dinghy with or without jib. Also made in Comptec and very durable, these we use for our basic courses.  
  • Sigma, 6 meter day sailor and with space for up to 4 persons, Comfortable and fun, with trapeze and gennaker if you like to try this! 

Date: 26 - 30 november 2019. 

Language: We use English

Our season at Tenerife is October - April. We offer basic courses and sailing camps in dinghies. If you like a special arrangement talk to us, we are happy to give you the best solution for you!  

There are a lot of good hotels and also AirBnB accomodations in Amarilla, Golf del Sur. We can recommend Santa Barbara Golf & Ocean Club or Aguamarina Gema Aguamarina Golf which is very close to the marina and Amarilla. 

For four or more bookings simultaenouosly there will be a discount of 10% for each participant. Please note that you need to book all at the same time. 

More information:

Tomas Sandstrom, mobile +46 76-114 19 30,



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