Lund University, Matteannexet, Sölvegatan 20A, SE-223 62 Lund, Sweden Deadline 31th August

Exhibition fees:Observe that all Swedish exhibitors must pay 25% VAT (Moms). The option without VAT is only for VAT-registered companies outside Sweden  

Opt.1) 15.400 SEK + 25% VAT, company members of PhotonicSweden 

Opt.2) 17.700 SEK + 25% VAT, non members, 

Opt.3)   3.000 SEK + 25% VAT, all additional exhibitors’ staff. 
(Please go to Participipants and choose Alt.5. if you want to register additional exhibitors colleauges later).

  • Payment by invoice must be before 2018-09-11.  All fees includes one person conference fee and all lunches & coffee breaks and dinner. 
  • Exhibition stand will be selected based on registration order. Map of exhibition floor will later be sent out to exhibitors. Exhibitor fee includes one table approx.size 180 x 70 cm
  • If applicable, based on available floor space, an additional table or additional floor space will be possible at an extra charge of 3.300kr + VAT.   

  • Payment method is possible only by invoice.

Special hotel price at Hotel Ideon! 
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Membership in PhotonicSweden 


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