Innovation on Banking 4.0


Euro-Events is pleased to invite you to our exquisite 4th edition of The Innovations on Banking 4.0 Conference. The main focus of this unique event will be on the latest innovations, industry trends and prospects presented by the most prominent experts in the area.

Furthermore, you will be exposed to the latest developments in operational excellence, big-data implementation, and innovations in client-centric approaches as experienced by the leading European financial institutions.

During IOB4.0, international experts and officials on European regulations will discuss the banking tech and RTA process updates, PSD2 achievements, the transformation process of instant payments, cybersecurity, and Bank/FinTech collaboration.

Join us for a remarkable event and engage in open floor discussions, round-table talks, demo-tech presentations and parallel sessions with representatives from financial companies, banks, fintech/startups, consultancies, solution providers and vendor companies whose contributions shape today’s presence and tomorrow’s future of the industry.

Don’t miss this exclusive business gathering this September in Prague! Join us today and be part of an elite club shaping the industry future!

Vi diskuterar gärna dina tankar och idéer och berättar mer om hur vi kan hjälpa dig. Kontakta oss nedan.



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