International Symposium on Language, Linguistics, Literature and Education 2020


Conference Theme: The Smart City and Impacts
of the Internet on Education
According to projections, practically 70%
of the world population will reside in urban areas by 2050. We need to create
smart cities to make these urban areas more liveable and truly sustainable.Smart
City’s contribution is based on the combination use of internet. The 21 century
is a century of internet, and we are called Net-Generation. Despite the
convenience that internet has brought to us, it has also created several
serious challenges and problems that we should pay attention to. The most
significant problem is the internet’s impacts on children and teenagers. Children’s
ability of learning new things is strong and fast. However, children’s mental
development and view on life are still in the processing of mature, the
flourish and complicated internet world might have had bad impacts on children.
By the huge number of use of internet, many new forms of languages,
interaction, products and form of education has come out. The internet related
subjects have become the most discussed issues during these years.
ISLLLE 2020 will be gathering the world's scholars,
professionals and academics who are interested in following topics:
- Children in the Generation of Digital Age
- The “Language System” of Net Generation
- The Crisis of Education in the Net
- The Information Gap
- The View of Life in the Net Generation
Besides, professors are also welcomed to
submit papers related but not restricted to following areas and topics:
- Language 
- Linguistics 
- Literature 
- Education

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