JIBS Graduation 2019 is held June 7 at Spira. Eligible for graduation are students that are in their final year of studies and currently writing their final thesis. The cost for JIBS Graduation is 295 SEK and in that cost the graduation, the diplomas, rental of the robe as well as entry to the after party is included. There will also be a banquet in the evening at Stora Hotellet. The cost for the banquet is 695 SEK. Spegelsalen has a limited amount of seats and priority is given to graduation students and staff. If the banquet gets sold out tickets will be distributed on a first come first served basis. If there is vacant seats we will sell guest tickets. An email about this will be sent to all that have registered for the dinner. Note, that the final day to register for JIBS Graduation is Thursday May 2 at 16.00. Also note that registration and payment is binding.


Since you are soon graduating, we invite you to be part of the JIBS Alumni network. You can easily update, edit, or delete personal data you have given us, like your profile data, and control the communications you receive from JIBS and JIBS Alumni Association. 


Vi diskuterar gärna dina tankar och idéer och berättar mer om hur vi kan hjälpa dig. Kontakta oss nedan.