Welcome to register for the Earth Rights Conference at Sigtunastiftelsen, Sweden May 10-11, 2019 FULLY BOOKED FRIDAY MAY 10th Humanity's in many ways destructive impact on nature is becoming increasingly apparent, and thus also the need for new approaches. Perhaps we must re-evaluate modernity's view on human existence? The fact that nature has the right to exist independently of any function for people is an ancient idea, present in indigenous cultures all around the world, and it has gained new momentum in a time of accelerating socio-ecological challenges. Frameworks for Earth rights are emerging at different levels, from local communities to UN bodies. This conference will be a venue for constructive dialogue about the idea that nature, not just humans, have rights. Can this idea be the foundation for a new dimension of respect and harmony between humanity and the planet? The legal and existential dimensions of this question are raised and examined, in dialogue with leading voices for Earth rights from different parts of the world. This is the second international conference on Earth rights arranged by the Sigtuna Foundation in cooperation with Lodyn and Cemus. The conference language is English. Terms and conditions • Registration fee covers: - For SINGLE DAY CONFERENCE FEE: meals from morning coffee to afternoon coffee (no dinner) - For FRIDAY NIGHT DINNER: Dinner Friday night • Last date for registration is April 24, 2019 • Invoice/receipt is sent to the registered e-mail address • Cancellations with full refund of the registration fee can be made until April 24, 2019 • Full fee is charged at if cancellations are made after April 24, 2019 • In the event of late cancellations due to illness, the registration fee may be refunded upon presentation of an approved doctor’s certificate If you have questions concerning registration, accommodation and/or meals please contact: program@sigtunastiftelsen.se, +46 8 592 589 85 (open 9AM-noon)

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