Road Safety Audit and Inspectionen is a unic course for road safety professionals. Road Safety Audit and inspection, undertaken by competent, well-trained professionals save life and money. After the completed course, the participant shall be able to identify traffic safety problems, understand and apply audit principles and check lists, acquire and compile relevant material, necessary to carry out a Road Safety Audit/Inspection and carry out Road Safety Audit and Inspection. Road Safety Audit (RSA) and Inspection (RSI) are formal safety performance examination of existing or future roads by an independent audit team. It qualitatively estimates and reports on potential road safety issues and identifies opportunities for improvements in safety for all road users. RSA and RSI represent an additional tool within the suite of tools that currently make up a multidisciplinary safety management system aimed at improving safety. Well implemented and well-functioning RSA and RSI save life and money. A Road Safety Auditor should have experience in road safety engineering, linked to an understanding of traffic engineering and traffic management, road design and road construction techniques and road user behaviour.  

COURSE PERIOD The course Road Safety Audit and Inspection will be organized at Lund University in Sweden during one week in June 2019. The course comprises lectures, case sessions, workshops, and field observations.  

AIM The aim of the course is to give the participants knowledge and training in the principles and tools to plan and perform a Road Safety Audit and Inspection in a systematic and documented way. The content of the course are the specific phases of Road Safety Audit, Procurement, Review, Analysis, Reporting, Arbitration and finalization. Training and practicing in the individual phases in the form of group work and role play.

TARGET GROUP: Road safety professionals preferably with background of civil engineering.

Application: Application to course is binding. At cancellation 4 weeks before the course start the participant will be billed 7000 SEK. At cancellation less than 2 weeks before the course start the participant will be billed full amount. Substitution of participants is allowed at any time and without charges, but it is advisable that such should take place at the start of the course. If the number of participants are less then 15 the course will be cancelled.Allmäna villkoren.

COURSE FEE 14 500 SEK (Approx 1500 Euro), VAT exclusive. Fee includes lectures, literature, course binder, coffee breaks, lunches, farewell mingle, certificate and medical insurance. 

Contact information For questions related to course content please contact: András Várhelyi For questions about application and practical matters please contact Jessica Hansson at Lund University Commissioned Education, phone +46-46 222 07 07, e-mail



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