The course starts on Sunday at lunch and the reception at Mundekulla opens at 9 AM. There will be around 25 participants in total (including assistants and group leaders). The course ends after lunch Sunday.

Day 1: lunch, afternoon coffee/tea (no food), evening meal
Day 2-7: breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee/tea (no food), evening meal.
Day 8: breakfast, lunch

All meals and coffee/tea are served in the restaurant and the course participants help out with the dishes after each meal.

All participants (including teachers and assistants) applies via an online form that Mundekulla set up if nothing else is agreed. All participants register at the reception and pay for food and lodging upon arriving.

Arrival the evening before the course starts is possible, however no food is served in the evening and in the morning if nothing else is agreed. Rates see below.



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