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This is the registration for UltraTri Sweden, July 17-19, 2020.

The maximum number of starting slots are 12.
Starting fee for 2020 is SEK 11000, of which 25% is to be payed no less than 14 days from invitation. 

Registration procedure is as follows:
* Read the Read Rules, Terms and Conditions
* Fill out and submit application form
* Wait – we will read and reply to all applications
* Pay – if you are invited to participate we will send you an initial invoice of 25% of the fee – pay this within 14 days to secure your starting slot.

The remainder of the fee should be paid within 120 days after invitation but not later than January 31st 2020. 
75% of entrance fee is refunded if participation is cancelled before January 31st 2020.
50% of fee is refunded if cancelled in February 
25% of fee is refunded if cancelled in March

To enter you need to:
* Be physically fit
* Have read and understood the Rules, terms and conditions
* Have qualifications according to Rules, terms and conditions (essentially, you need to have enough really long distance experience to know what you are doing)
* Hand in a liability form signed by you and your support (available in Rules, terms and conditions)

Among other things, the entry fee includes:
* GPS tracking
* Maps, race manual and start kit
* Transport of 1 athlete and equipment from Gottskär to start as well as transport of equipment from Nidingen to stage finish.
* Overnight stay for 1 athlete at Nidingen the night before start
* Kayak- and boat support during swims 
* Transport of swimming equipment (wet suit) day 3 transition run->swim 
* Transport of running gear from day 3 transition swim->run 
* 1 Support T-shirt
* Finisher items

Consideration will be given to individuals that have volunteered or crewed in previous Ultra Triathlons or similar.

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