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2019 ACH : Compliance with NACHA Rules while Processing Exceptions

Frustration and Confusion are experiences one may have when handling ACH Exceptions and doing Returns and Notifications of Change (NOCs) while being in compliance with the NACHA Operating Rules.

This session will help clear up the questions when wondering "What Return Reason Code do I use?" or "What form do I need to do this Return?", and even "How long is the Return Timeframe on this Entry?" Common Return Reason Codes will be discussed, and details provided on Stop Payments, Unauthorized Returns and the process involved when sending and/or receiving Notifications of Change.

Why should you attend this webinar?

Each day in ACH there are exceptional items (ACH Entries that do not automatically post) that need to be returned. Rules compliance can be confusing and when doing ACH Returns or NOCs there are so many exceptions to the Rules and so many things to remember. This webinar will help clear up that confusion by making the ACH return process simple while outlining the Rules and using examples and scenarios to explain how the process works.

Account holders have Entries that need to be returned for various reasons such as Stop Payments, Unauthorized, or Authorization Revoked; this session will walk through different scenarios and situations to illustrate the Return Process in an easy to understand format.

Speaker Profile :

Donna K Olheiser, AAP,  is Keynote Speaker at ComplianceKey and she is the vice president of Education Services and founder of Dynamic Mastership, LLC.;and holds the Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) designation (achieved in 2004).
She is an enthusiastic and energetic Certified Master Trainer with over 14 year's training experience. She has designed and facilitated over 100 training sessions each year with her expertise being the rules for companies and financial institutions when processing electronic (specifically ACH) payments, then scheduling the events to facilitate and deliver the material through a variety of venues (webinars, teleseminars, in-person workshops, including regional and national conferences). 

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